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arashi month  day 07 ♥

 46/100 photos of Ninomiya Kazunari (♠)
46/100 photos of Ninomiya Kazunari ()

ARASHI: singles.

2014.09.11 AD - Silence is golden.

Good morning. This is Arashi’s Ohno Satoshi.
Here’s today’s thought of the day; come on!

"A loving, silent person is the most suitable companion in life."

[BGM ‘Hit the floor’]

Oh. This is a quote by Showa-era literary critic Kamei Katsuichiro-san. What sort of person is your current or…


Ohno Satoshi - TV Life 2014.06

Q: Analyze your personality.

"I’m lazy and impatient. I’m also surprisingly stubborn. Basically, I don’t compromise.”


[CMs Collection]: Ninomiya Kazunari - Hitachi CM ~ Making of


Arashi - The Television 2014.09


Handsome as fuck Arashi for my lovely freyjam 

Kagi no Kakatta Heya SP (behind the scenes)


Celebration of Ohno Satoshi’s 33rd birthday 

Making of Kagi no Kakatta Heya SP