Mon. Approximately 8030 days old. MNL. Eight months ago, I was blown away by the storm by accident. Ohno Satoshi is the king of my heart.

Mostly and basically CLAMP, Arashi, Japanese culture and Sherlock stuff.

Kagi no Kakatta Heya SP (behind the scenes)


Celebration of Ohno Satoshi’s 33rd birthday 

Making of Kagi no Kakatta Heya SP

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“Even when Sho-kun thinks, “I’m not good with this kind of person,” he will never show a hateful expression. Even after he’s being told something awful, he’ll accept it with a big heart and laugh at it. He will even play a fool himself so that that person won’t look bad on TV. I always watch him from the side and think of how amazing he is.””

— Ohno Satoshi


GUSSAN: “So what’s up today? What’d you come here for?”

OHNO: “Today I’m here to advertise Arashi’s new single.”

GUSSAN: “Arashi is so mean… but since you’ve come over, you may as well sit over there!”

[Ohno Satoshi on Onee-man’s 08.02.19 (or: I lost my shit at the way Ohno smiled at Gussan in greeting)]


Screw it. I can’t wait for anyone to sub it any longer. Have downloaded the LOVE concert and will watch immediately. See ya.

Pros and cons of making food

  • Pros: food
  • Cons: making


Ohimya moments from LOVE Tour

pic1: Wacha-Wacha photo story
Matsumoto likes to put his face close to members’ faces (especially Ohno’s). This day too, he cleaved unto Ohno many times, and Ninomiya at times jumped in the back to appeal himself.

pic2: However, the word “cleaving” suits these two as well. After they finished singing the last song, “Happiness”, for encore, Ninomiya whispered something into Ohno’s ear. After hearing that, Ohno suddenly grabbed Ninomiya’s shoulder! Ninomiya seemed a bit happy.

pic3: Whilst Ohno held Ninomiya’s shoulders, they circled the venue while pointing their fingers. It seems like they wanted to greet the venue together. Their matching pose is sweet.

pic5: At times, Nino flatly brushed off Ohno’s proffered hand (what a blasphemous act!). After, Ohno-san fixedly glared like a guardian angel when Nino and Jun-kun were cleaving unto each other. (what)

pic7: middle: In front of the trolley, Ohno-kun takes Nino’s hand…
Nino bitterly smiles at the cute escort
(the pink caption says: ‘here, this way’ from middle to left)

photo credits to owner